Our Products

We supply quality, plant-based meat alternative products made from only soy beans.

Our soy meats are made of 100% non GMO soy beans, with no artificial colour or flavour added. They contain nutrients such as protein, fibre, minerals, and soy isoflavone.

Our Products

100% Non GMO Soy Beans

No Artificial Colours

No Artifical Flavours

Rich in Nutrients

Nutrition Comparison Reference
Per 100g
Calories Fat Cholesterol Protein
Beef 332cal 30.0g 78mg 26.0g
Pork 242cal 14.0g 80mg 27.0g
Chicken 239cal 14.0g 88mg 27.0g
Soymeat 147cal 5.2g 0mg 15.3g